Muline bach is  small pebble beach  on the island of Ugljan. Muline is a small place there is no restaurant or shop on the beach. There is pizza place "Pizzeria Muline" , cute local pizzeria/restaurant.

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krk beach

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The Pritišćina beach on the island of Vis is one of the smallest, but also the most beautiful bay. It is located on the south side of the island and it is reached by a long and poor macadam route from Podhumlja, which is why it is the favorite destination of all those who are looking for hidden jewels. There is no restaurant  or caffe so bring your own food and water.

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Tepluš beach is located  at the southwestern end of the bay in front of the fishing resort Rukavac. Although the shade is only in the borik above the beach, large stone slabs in the northern part of the cove fall into the shadows just after five o'clock in the afternoon. The macadam road from Rukavac is separated from the road to Srebrna and the end of the restaurant with its view leads up to the spacious parking lot close to the beach. There is  bar on beach and nice seafood restaurant in nearbay fishing port.

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Vrgada Island is located on the far south-eastern part of the Zadar archipelago. It is  small island with an area of ​​3.67 square kilometers (length 3 and 1.3 kilometers wide). Its north and south sides are mountainous, with the highest peak of 115 meters. More than two-thirds of the area of ​​Vrgada is covered with dense pine trees. Red beach is named from red cliff that surrounds it. This beach starts beneath this cliff on the photo below and continues a lot more along . 

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