The fortress Nehaj  served as a military fortification that used it as a place to defend the city of Senj .

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The Old Town of Samobor is located on the hill Tepec, at a height of 250 m, in ruinous condition. It was built by the supporters of the Czech king of Otokar about 1270. Over the centuries it has changed many owners: the Counts of Celje, Frankopane, Tržačke, Tahija, Erdödy, Auersperga, Kulmer, Kiepach, and Montecuccoli from which Samobor municipality in 1902. The old town bought it. The oldest preserved building of the Old Town is the defense tower from the 13th century. Inside the walls are the ruins of the Gothic Chapel of St. No. Today this picturesque ruin of the Old Town of Samobor is part of the city's beauty with its position over the main square and the roofs of town . At the foot of Old Town is pizza restaurant(bistro "Vungriščak") and near by is restaurant "Gabreku". Old Town is located 10-15 min walk from main square. There is parking after main square(parking "Stara zetova garaža"),  pizzeria and restaurant have  parking if you are going to lunch.

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