Enjoying the vial of the pizza enjoys the taste of the ancient times of this beautiful island. It was born in the age of Hellenic culture, Viška pogača has survived until today and today is the star of the high gastronomy. The Greek diet was based on olives, cheese and salty fish, which is still the basis for a delicious and healthy gastronomic pleasure. Shrimp has survived in its original form from the time of Issa to today's Visa. Slightly laid onions, salty fish and oil between two layers of dough, sometimes accompanied by parsley and olives and cut into trout, whose scent is hard to resist. On the other side of the island, in Komiza, is preparing the Komiška cake that, after the discovery of America, is enriched with the taste of the New World. Communist fishermen's walnuts added pomidor to make the cake softer and cut into cubes. The salty fish was and remained very important for the influence of the island and its links with other peoples where it traded. Also, inspiration for many similar dishes in Greek, Italian and Spanish cuisine. Falkuše from the island of Vis sailed to the Mediterranean and the tall seagrasses unselfishly shared their knowledge of the salting of fish with the nations they were trading with. Thus, other varieties of cakes were made in the neighboring countries with the addition of various spices, but the Viška's pogača remained the only source of its original flavor.

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 Lamb on the Spit or in croatian "Janjetina s ražnja"