The magic world of the Plitvice Lakes, which consists of 16 lakes located between  Mala Kapela and Plješevica in Lika, is called the Devil's Garden in some of the maps as well;  due to its position and history.The legend says that the lakes were created after the heavy drought when people, animals, and plants longed for a drop of water. The people continually prayed, and then the Black Queen appeared in the valley, with her magnificent escort. Se smiled at the crowded people, and with the strong wind and the thunder, the rain finally fell. It continued falling as long as the water level didn't grow enough to form the lakes.


Whether you believe in the legends or not, by entering the enchanted world of the Plitvice Lakes, visitors discover the uncommon beauty of 16 light-green lakes interconnected by sparkling waterfalls and cascades, as well as a wonderful animal and plant world. The lakes are pouring and descending into one another in a series of 5460 meters of airline.The Plitvice Lakes Complex was declared a national park in April 1949. It is the largest, oldest and most visited Croatian national park.

The lakes in this woody mountain range receive water from numerous streams and rivulets, while sedge barriers, which have been created over a period of ten thousand years, are one of the fundamental peculiarities of the Park.


Spacious forest complexes, an exceptional natural beauty of lakes and waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, mountain air, contrasts of autumn colors, forest paths, and wooden junctions, and much more are part of a wonderful unity; which was recognized by UNESCO, and in 1979 proclaimed a protected world natural heritage.


The first serious beginnings of tourism on the Plitvice Lakes were recorded in 1861, when the "Emperor House", which could only accommodate three people, was built. Later on, in 1894 thousand tourists and passengers visited this area. Today, more than a million visitors a year enjoy the beauty of the Plitvice Lakes. Guests can stay in one of the hotels, while those who want to become one with nature can stay in two camps.


Everyone who wants a real vacation in nature, far from the noise and the stress of everyday life; Plitvice Lakes is the right place to come, no matter what season they choose for their visit.

Let us take you through all the seasons. Trust us, whichever you choose you won't regret it.


We'll start with autumn.  Autumn is the most beautiful season in the Plitvice Lakes. It's when nature calms down and slowly prepares for the winter. Birds fly to the south. With the first frosts falling early in October, the leaves begin to change color. Due to the variety of tree species, the richness of colors that surrounds the nearby forests becomes unusual. Trails covered with leaves are ideal for walking and vacation. Both surface and bottom of the lake are covered with fallen leaves of copper and golden colors, transforming the lakes into the autumn idyll.


The winter on Plitvice Lakes is a unique experience, and definitely worth a visit; because of the magnificent beauty of the ambiance. This area is abundant with snow because of its characteristic climatic conditions. Low winter temperatures convert cascades into ice waterfalls unusually blue. The big waterfall then resembles an impressive wall of ice. Moreover,  you will most likely find otters searching for food at the foot of the waterfalls. Trails covered with snow invite you to take a long walk, and if you do, it will be one of the best experiences of your life. In addition to the tourist resort, there are recreational paths for skiing and sledding, so if you are passionate about winter sports, feel free to enjoy yourself.


After the cold winter, there comes spring. Spring is the season when the whole nature awakens. Snowdrift enriches streams and lakes with water. You should not miss the picture of rich waterfalls and lakes filled with fish. The scent of the flourished cyclamens, a walk through the forest that begins to flourish, and the fresh air of the Plitvice Lakes takes care of both the spirit and the body.


The last, but not least beautiful, comes summer. In the summer, everything is full of life. Sparkling waterfalls howl, birds chirp, while lush green crowns and lakes provide freshness in the warm days. At this time of year, the number of the visitors is the highest, the magic of crystal lakes attracts tourists from all over the world. Everything is alive and exhilarated.


We hope this article will encourage you to visit the Plitvice lakes and enjoy their magnificent beauty.